Solydus? Solydus is where it all comes together. In Solydus we manufacture whatever you want, for competitive prices, no matter how complex the assignment. Solydus is the place for high quality manufacturing of metal products. From a complex piece of work in a single and small series until production of high quantities, of course always of the highest quality. But there is more: in Solydus you will also find the experts that can transfer your sketching into clear, technical drawings to create the end product that fulfils your specifications.

In the world of metal products, more and more roads lead to Solydus. After all, in Solydus you will find what you have been looking for: profitable manufacturing in steel, aluminum or other metals. And even though the production of Solydus does not take place around the corner, a thorough quality control during the phases of sawing till packing is carried out every time, to ensure that your product meets your expectations.

Solydus would like to put proof before you of the above. Please contact us if you have a complex production problem or need high quality, professionalism and flexibility-
and attractive, non-European prices.

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